Nail Polish of the Week #11 – Formula X for Sephora Transformers Top Coat in Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope 1

This week’s nail polish is  Formula X for Sephora Transformers Top Coat in the color Kaleidoscope. It is described as violet iridescence and it is a glittery shiny blue and purple duochrome, and we know how much I love duochromes!

Kaleidoscope 4

I layered two coats over a black base and it really made the color pop!

Kaleidoscope 3

It’s such a beautiful glittery nail polish, I definitely recommend it!

I loved the color so much I actually made a couple pairs of post earrings using this nail polish! You can find them here and here if you are interested!

What nail polish are you wearing this week? Do you like duochromes as much as I do?!