Badger Pride: Hufflepuff eye makeup look

Leakycon 2013 in Portland was a few weeks ago and now that I’ve finally recovered from the lack of sleep and post con cold (we Leakycon attendees affectionately refer to it as the LeakyFlu), I thought I would make a tutorial with the Hufflepuff themed eye look I wore at the con.

Every year I’ve been to Leakycon (which is every year that there has been one) I’ve wanted to wear Hufflepuff themed eye makeup, but I never wanted to invest in bright yellow eyeshadow. This year I finally decided to go for it and bought a product I’ve been eyeing for at least a year.

For my bright yellow base I went with MUFE Aqua Cream in #24.

MUFE Aqua Cream #24

I’ve always wanted to try out the MUFE Aqua Creams, I’ve read a lot of great reviews about them, and this one lived up to the hype. It has good pigmentation, applies easily, and lasts all day without creasing or fading on me.

I started off by applying the Aqua Cream as a base all over the lid. Next, I added a yellow powder eyeshadow on top of the base. The one I used was Sephora brand in the color Banana Split.

Aqua Cream with Yellow Powder Shadow

Next, I added a black shadow to the outer corner and then blended it about halfway into the crease. I used the color Black Magique, which I have in a MAC quad that was limited edition. You can use any yellow and black eyeshadows for this look. L’Oreal HiP actually makes an eyeshadow duo that is yellow and black called Striking #907 that would be perfect for this. You should be able to find it in most drugstores.

Black Eyeshadow in the crease

After that, I applied liquid eyeliner in a thin line, and then mascara. I used Sephora’s black liquid eyeliner and Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Waterproof Mascara in Very Black.

Hufflepuff Pride!

Hufflepuff Pride!

Finished Look

And that’s it! it was really simple to do and quick enough that I could apply it in the morning before rushing over to the convention center. The only difficult part was finding a great yellow shadow that was pigmented and wouldn’t fade throughout the day.

Now that you’ve seen how I showed off my badger pride at Leakycon, what house are you in and how do you show off your house pride?

Have you ever been to a fan convention? Did you do anything fun with your makeup for the occasion? Comment below and let me know!