New Year’s Resolution – I joined a DietBet!

I’ve been wanting to get healthier and lose some weight recently, but haven’t been able to get up the motivation.

Then last week I watched this video from Blogilates where Cassey talked about DietBet. She set one up for her fans and it starts January 3rd.

The way it works is you create an account and sign up for a game. The bet for this game is $30. The goal is to lose 4% of your weight in a month and if you win you split the pot with the other winners! There are already 850 people signed up and the total pot is up to $25,500! I’m really excited to start getting healthier and I think the bet combined with the large community participating in this bet will really help keep me motivated!

I plan on blogging about this experience a few times throughout the month. I really hope it goes well!

If you want to sign up for the DietBet and get healthy with me (and 850 other people!) you can sign up here.

Would you do a DietBet? How do you keep motivated to live a healthier lifestyle? Comment below and let me know!


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