Nail Polish of the Week #5 – Topshop Flamingo Coral

Flamingo Coral


This week’s nail polish is Topshop’s Flamingo Coral. It’s a bright coral, more on the pink side. The formulation is okay, but not great. It applied almost opaque in one coat, but did not apply evenly so multiple coats were needed. It’s just a little too thick, which makes it a difficult to apply.

Flamingo Coral


The color is gorgeous though, it makes the difficulty in application worth it.

This will probably be the last time I wear coral nail polish this summer. While I love corlas, I like the darker colors I usually wear in the Fall and Winter even more. I can’t wait to start wearing them again!

What nail polish have you been wearing this week? Do you prefer darker fall colors, or bright spring and summer colors when it comes to nail polish? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish No Buy Update – 2 weeks since I last bought nail polish!


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