Nail Polish of the Week #7 – Topshop Eclipse – Swatches and Review


This week’s nail polish is Topshop’s Eclipse.


It’s a green blue metallic duochrome polish. It is gorgeous, I am obsessed with this color!


It applied well and dried quickly. It was also opaque after two coats!



So pretty!

What nail polish have you been wearing this week? What is your favorite kind of duochrome? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish No Buy Update – I broke my no buy! I might do a haul post with the nail polish I picked up though.


Nail Polish of the Week #6 – Topshop Moonshine


This week’s nail polish is Topshop’s Moonshine. It’s a rose gold metallic polish. It’s a beautiful color and I really don’t have anything else in my nail polish collection that is very similar to it.


Moonshine applied well. It was opaque after one coat, but I did two thin coats to make it look a bit more even. It is a metallic polish so it does have somewhat visible brushstrokes, but I find that happens with every metallic polish I try.


What nail polish have you been wearing this week? Do you like metallic polishes? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish No Buy Update – 3 weeks since I last bought nail polish!

Candle Haul! Bath and Body Works Fall Candles


Fall is just around the corner and Bath and Body Works have come out with their Fall candles! The fall and winter candles are my favorites each year. The sweet scents make me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a book, while burning a candle of course! Over labor day they had a 2 for $22 sale, and the sale is back on now through September 22nd so I thought I would do a haul post about the candles I picked up.

1. The first candle I picked up was Cider Lane.


The description says “As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel, and sweet cinnamon.” It smells sweet without being overpowering and has a hint of apple. I’ve smelled a lot of the apple scented candles, and I usually like the way they smell, but they can bee a bit more apple-y than I want my room to smell. This one is a nice balance of sweet and apple.

2. The second candle I got is Leaves.


The description reads “Celebrate the brilliant colors of autmn with this rich blend of golden nectar, red apple, and spiced berries.” Every year I see a lot of Beauty vloggers rave about this candle, and every year I go into Bath and Body Works, smell it, and don’t really understand why they love it. But, something changed this year. I actually really liked it! I’m not sure if they’ve changed the scent or if my preferences in scents have changed since last year, but I’m really loving it!

3. The Last Candle is Applewood Bonfire and the description says “Warm up to the cozy scent of an autumn bonfire – apples, crackling barks, and fresh cut wood.”


It’s really nice, a bit smokey without being too strong. I find that some of the other scents that have fire in the name are a bit too much for me, but this one was just right!

Bath and Body Works also has a few coupons online right now in addition to the 2 for $22 3-wick candle sale. They have a $1 shipping if you spend at least $25, code “SHIPNOW25.” Also, if you order and use Ebates, you can get 2% cash back . Ebates also has a 20% off coupon in addition to the 2% cash back. You just scroll down on the Bath and Body Works Ebates page and then click the shop now link from that coupon. It’s good until October 13th too! You can unfortunately only use one coupon code at a time on the Bath and Body Works site, but you can combine a coupon with the 2 for $22 deal! You will have to choose if you want $1 shipping or 20% off though. Make sure you check which one will save you more!

I would definitely repurchase and recommend these candles. I’m thinking of buying a backup of them during this sale! While a lot of the same scents come back from year to year, some of my favorites haven’t. So if you really love a candle and it’s seasonal, you may want to consider picking up an extra. I absolutely loved the Creamy Pumpkin candle and they had it last year (2012) and the year before, but this year I haven’t seen it. Also in winter 2011, I tried one of the winter candles called Marshmallow Peppermint, and it was amazing, but they didn’t have it last winter. There are definitely scents that are similar to both of these, but if you absolutely love one of the candles, don’t assume they will have it every year.

Do you plan on picking up any candles during the sale? What’s your favorite fall scent? Let me know in the comments!

Glossybox Best of Britain Unboxing

photo (3)

I’ve never ordered anything from Glossybox, or any of the subscription beauty box companies, but when I got an email about this Limited Edition Best of Britain box, I couldn’t resist! I was really missing London (I studied abroad in London for a semester this past year).

IMG_3079 IMG_3081 IMG_3083

I’m really happy with and excited to try all of the products that came in the box.

1. Nails Inc. – Kensington Caviar Top Coat – .33 fl. oz / $18.20

IMG_3092       IMG_3093

I’m very excited to try this. I have a set of Nails Inc. Polish that I got at Sephora a while ago, and I’m really happy with it, so it is a brand that I like. I’ve been wanting to try out a new top coat too, and this one claims to dry in 45 seconds!

2. Nailgirls London – White #1 – .33 fl. oz / $12.90


I don’t own any white nail polish. I’m not sure how often I would actually wear white nail polish, and I kind of wish this was a different color, but I’ll try it out. I’m sure this would be good to have for layering with other polishes too. I’ll find a use for it! Maybe OPI’s glitter polish from the Euro Centrale collection will look good over a white base.

3. MeMeMe Cosmetics – Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator – .41 fl. oz/ $8.30

IMG_3088       IMG_3114

I can’t wait to try this one out. I haven’t opened it yet, but the way it looks in the bottle is reminding me of Benefit High Beam, which is a product I love. (Also Sephora has 8% cash back right now from Ebates!)

4. Mitchell and Peach – Luxury Hand Cream – 2.1 fl oz/ $26


With Fall and Winter approaching it will be nice to have an extra handcream lying around. I usually go for Hand Food from Soap and Glory, also a British brand! I went a bit Soap and Glory crazy when I was in London, while they sell some of the products in the US at Sephora, such as Hand Food, there are a lot more products available in the UK…and I took full advantage of that!

5. Steamcream – All-In-One Natural Moisturizer for Face, Body, & Hands – 2.65 oz/ $19.50

IMG_3097     IMG_3099     IMG_3113

The description says this cream can be used on the face, hands, and body. The tin is a good size, but I think it’s too small to use as a body cream. I plan on using it on face at night for now, and maybe on my hands if I don’t like it for my face I really love the packaging. I checked out the company’s website and you the tins come in all these different designs! Also, when I selected shipping to the US, the site said they have free worldwide delivery! If I like this I would definitely consider picking up one of these fun tins!

6. HD Brows – Grow Baby Grow – $46.50

IMG_3109      IMG_3110

This was the product I was most excited to see in the box. I’ve had a long struggle with my eyebrows. The ends of my eyebrows, farthest from my nose, are almost nonexistent due to some over plucking, and now they just don’t want to grow back and the few hairs that do grow look odd. I’m really hoping this helps, I would love to have fuller brows.

7. Helen É Cosmetics – Lasting Lip Colour in Raspberry- .12 oz/ $12.20


I’m not sure about this product, it is quite a dark color. I don’t own any lipsticks this dark, I’ll have to think of a look to wear with it. It will be a nice color for fall and winter though.

8. Batiste Dry Shampoo – Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush – 1.6 fl. oz/ $2.30


This is the best dry shampoo I have ever tried in my life, and I’ve tried quite a few. I have blond hair that gets very greasy very fast at the roots, and this product fixes it instantly. It adds volume and makes my hair feel fresh again if it’s been a day since I washed it. I like to lift up my bangs and spray a bit under them, and then spray a bit on my scalp at my part and my hair looks great again. I know this product is available in the US, but I didn’t know about it or use it until I was studying abroad in London. I loved it so much, and it was so reasonably priced that I ended up buying a second bottle, one in this scent blush, and one in the original. I’m going to save this travel size for the next time I go on vacation. I would like to mention that the blush scent, while nice, is quite strong, so just be aware of that if you decide to pick up one of the scented versions.

There was also a bonus item! A small makeup case!


I’m really happy with this box overall. The real test will be when I actually try out all of the products, but in general I’m really impressed. The packaging was amazing. From the insert that explained all of the product information, to the tissue paper, to the box that contained the products. Even the shipping box was cute!

I am definitely going to consider subscribing to Glossybox, or at least get a limited edition or normal monthly box every once in a while. The limited edition box cost $40 and I think it was a great value for the money. The normal monthly boxes cost $21, and is less per month if you subscribe for more months. Ebates also has a cash back deal available right now, you can get $2.75 back if you order from Glossybox and use Ebates!

Have you ever tried Glossybox or other similar subscription makeup boxes? What do you think about them, are they worth it? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish of the Week #5 – Topshop Flamingo Coral

Flamingo Coral


This week’s nail polish is Topshop’s Flamingo Coral. It’s a bright coral, more on the pink side. The formulation is okay, but not great. It applied almost opaque in one coat, but did not apply evenly so multiple coats were needed. It’s just a little too thick, which makes it a difficult to apply.

Flamingo Coral


The color is gorgeous though, it makes the difficulty in application worth it.

This will probably be the last time I wear coral nail polish this summer. While I love corlas, I like the darker colors I usually wear in the Fall and Winter even more. I can’t wait to start wearing them again!

What nail polish have you been wearing this week? Do you prefer darker fall colors, or bright spring and summer colors when it comes to nail polish? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish No Buy Update – 2 weeks since I last bought nail polish!

Favorite Nail Polish Remover – Sephora’s Instant Nail Polish Remover

Sephora Nail Polish Remover

I picked up a new bottle of my favorite nail polish remover, Sephora’s Instant Nail Polish Remover, in my last haul. This is the third time I’ve repurchased this remover. The bottle says “It’s magic!” and I would have to agree, especially if you’ve tried removing glitter polish with it. Removing glitter polish is not fun, but this remover makes it about as quick and painless as it’s going to get.

This remover is the type that has a sponge inside that you put your finger in to remove the polish. That is probably why it works so well, but it is also the reason for the few drawbacks of this remover.

One is that after you’ve used it for a while the remover starts to get yucky and murky and then needs to be replaced because all of the removed nail polish stays in there. I haven’t timed it, but I think I replace it about as often as I would need to replace my normal nail polish remover when it would run out. Also, because of the sponge, this can’t be used on your toes, so I do end up buying a regular bottle of nail polish anyway.

My main issue with the sponge is that little black pieces from the sponge will start getting stuck to my fingers. The pieces wash off easily, but I don’t love that the sponge starts to break apart and get stuck to my fingers when I use it. Considering this nail polish costs $9.50, which is considerably more than a drugstore remover, and that it needs to be replaced fairly often and can only be used on the hands, I do wish that it didn’t have the issue with the sponge “shedding”. This has happened with all three bottles I have tried, usually after just a few uses of the polish, with it then getting worse the more times it is used.

Even though the polish remover does have some drawbacks, I’ve never tried a remover that took off polish so quickly and easily and could cut through glitter polish so well. I would highly recommend it, especially if you like to use a lot of glitter polish.

What type of polish do you struggle with most to remove? Do you have any tips that make removing nail polish easier? Leave a comment and let me know!

Nail Polish of the Week #4 – Topshop Hidden Treasure

Topshop Hidden Treasure

So…I broke my nail polish no buy… a lot.

I was in Norstrom and saw that the had Topshop nail polish and I ended up leaving with quite a few bottles. The main reason for breaking my no buy was because of this week’s polish, Topshop’s Hidden Treasure. It’s an olive green to gold duochrome! Duochromes are kind of my weakness when it comes to nail polish, I’m a bit obsessed with them.

Hidden Treasure Topshop

It applied well and was opaque after two coats.

Hidden Treasure

Although a lot of the Topshop nail polish is on the Nordstrom website, this color wasn’t, although I did find it at my local Nordstrom store, so I linked to the Topshop site instead.

Do you like duochromes? What’s your favorite duochrome polish? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish No Buy Update – 1 week since I last bought nail polish!